Detroit's approval of a RoboCop statue served as the perfect story to remind MGM, "Hey! There's another thing out there that can be remade!" And remake they will. The studio is currently in discussions with Brazilian director Jose Padilha to have him reboot Murphy and the gang. No word yet on whether he works for Dick Jones.

Padilha hasn't had much recognition here stateside, but rocked Brazilian box offices with Elite Squad and last year's sequel, Elite Squad 2. The latter was Brazil's highest grossing film, pulling in $60mm. Both these films are taut crime dramas, so look for a focus on characters and story. Did someone say "gritty?"

A Robocop remake has actually been kicked around for a while, at one pointBlack Swan's Darren Aronofsky attached to it until he realized that he was Darren Aronofsky and the project was a RoboCop remake. The word is that this time around they would like to make RoboCop a legitimate franchise, instead of just following the original with a bunch of cinematic abortions and jetpacks. (Deadline)