Some posters you hang on your wall, others you look at on the internet to get psyched about an upcoming movie. Could you do both? I suppose... you could. We've got new one-sheets for The Descendants, Shark Night 3D and some movie about a wizard guy that everybody likes. Merlin? No, I think he's younger. Teen Merlin from Teen Merlin: The Extreme Spells? Yeah, that must be it.

Harry Potter is serious business. That's what I've learned from the dramatic new poster above for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, about the boy wizard (Daniel Radcliffe)fighting He-Who-Could-Use-A-Nose. The drama is visible: the dirt and scars on the face, the red dots of intensity magic, and of course, "IT ALL ENDS" in caps, barely able to stay within the poster limits. Is there a Photoshop spell for that? Magic-blasts into theaters July 15, 2011. (/Film)

Alexander Payne‘s The Descendants stars George Clooney as a rich family man whose cheating wife dies, causing him to re-evaluate his life. It opens December 16, 2011. The new poster shows Clooney looking towards the ocean. Is he staring at his daughters, or is he hearing something else? A girl screaming for her life, perhaps... ? (IndieWire)

Shark Night 3D is the follow-up to Snakes On A Plane from director David Ellis. It will feature hot bikini girls, screaming, sharks, and presumably, night scenarios. Sounds good to me. Sara Paxton stars, chomping into theaters September 14, 2011. (IGN)