One is a hammer wielding demi-god and the strongest of the Asgardians. The other is the schlubby dude from Knocked Up. Okay, maybe Thor vs The Green Hornet would be a pretty one-sided street fight, but their respective marketing teams have released competitively badass new movie posters. We're not sure who wins The Battle of Poster Coolness. Only YOU can decide! Or don't decide and just enjoy them both. That's the way I'm gonna play it.

First up is The Green Hornet. The film stars Seth Rogen and comes to theaters January 14th. It's-- OMG THAT CAR IS COMING AT ME IN 3D SO I BETTER DUUUUUUUCK!

Second is the broodtastic new French poster for Marvel's Thor, to be released May 2011. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the film stars Chris Hemsworth as the hammer holding hero. In this poster, Thor has just read Albert Camus' The Stranger and is developing his own thoughts on existentialism:

(Film School Rejects)