2001.  That's the last time Allen and Albert Hughes have directed a feature film: their underrated adaptation of Alan Moore's Jack the Ripper tale, From Hell.  In between then and now, the Hughe Brothers have each developed solo projects, helmed TV commercials and music videos together, and pitched projects around town.  This writer's had the good fortune to work with them on a couple, believe it or not.

Well, the time has come for the brothers to rise again with their post-apocalyptic opus, The Book of Eli, currently being shot in New Mexico.  The film stars Denzel Washington as the titular hero, who treks across a barren wasteland of a future United States to protect a book that may mean man's survival.  Head over to USA Today for an in-depth first-look at the pic.  Or if you're not in the mood to read...

Check out some of the new photos from the production after the jump.

Yeah, that's right.  Gary Oldman's in it, too.  According to USA Today, he plays Carnegie, "a town leader interested in acquiring Eli's book."  If that doesn't have villain written all over it, I'll eat my handlebar mustache I'm currently twirling between my thumb and forefinger.

The Book of Eli is scheduled for a 2010 release.