Splash News posted this new photo of Tracy Morgan in Kevin Smith's buddy cop comedy A Couple of Dicks.  No reports as to the full context of the scene, but it does appear that Mr. Morgan is dressed as a cell phone, and taking flight atop a bicycle.  As this is a cop film, my guess is that he's disguised himself as the phone - a disguise that was compromised - and then he commandeered the bicycle as the foam phone suit proved too cumbersome for fleeing on foot.  Then again, this could just be a Kevin Smith's metaphorical homage to our exponentially shifting communications technologies.  I mean, the guy did direct Mallrats, after all.

See the photo in its entirety - including just what Tracy is riding his bike away from - after the jump. 

[via ComingSoon]

Yes.  A dog.

A Couple of Dicks also stars Bruce Willis, Seann William Scott, Adam Brody and Ana De La Reguera

Warner Bros. is scheduled to release it on February 26, 2010.