In a strange turn of events, it would seem that cocaine is a gateway drug to marijuana, at least in the world of documentary filmmaking. The production company Rakontur, who made a name for themselves with Cocaine Cowboys are now readying Square Grouper for distribution, a film that will dive into the marijuana smuggling trade in the 1970's. Remember when you had to buy marijuana from a drug dealer, and not a corner store with a little prescription card? So quaint!

The film will investigate the people smuggling the drug and, similar to cocaine cowboys, the authorities in pursuit of them. The title Square Grouper refers to large square bails of marijuana that fisherman would often accidentally reel in. It beats the hell out of a boot or a tire, I guess.

Rakontur also got acclaim for their ESPN 30 for 30 documentary The U, which focused on the wild heyday of University of Miami football. It would seem that these guys don't really like to leave Florida very much.

For the release of this film, you can't say these guys don't know who their audience is. The film premieres at SXSW, then goes on a hazy, hungry 40-college screening tour with the crew presenting and answering questions starting on April 1. The DVD will be released three short weeks later on 4/19, allowing thousands of stoners to take the next day off, get high as hell, then realize that marijuana was actually treated like a drug 35 years ago. Between this and the Bob Marley doc, it's been a banner week for stoner cinema. Expect a gritty ultimate frisbee movie in 3-D later this fall. (Variety)