The poster for Scream 4 is old-school Scream-ish. The poster for the next Tyler Perry Madea movie (Madea's Big Happy Family) is absolutely, brilliantly hilarious if you're the type of person that enjoys Madea movies in the first place. Together, they've got nothing in common other than they both came out today and neither merits its own post, so hear you go, dear reader. Let's get the bad news out of the way with Madea.

If this image haunts your nightmares, please direct all complaints to Tyler Perry. He did this I am just a conduit for his awful, awful message. Go bleach your eyes and hurry back for a decidedly less-offensive image.

Hey! It's got a "4" for the "A." Other than that, it looks pretty much just like every other Scream poster, which is fine, because they've got a good thing going in their branding. I still think Madea looks much, much scarier. Seriously. Go back up and look at those nostrils.