Jack Ryan is returning, but will be played by an entirely new handsome actor. Chris Pine is up to bat in a project long called Moscow, though Deadline reports that the title and start date have not been formally announced yet. Unlike the previous four installments of the Jack Ryan saga (The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears), this film will not be based on Tom Clancy material, but rather an original script written by Clear and Present Danger scribe Steve Zaillian. I hope he's found work in the interim.

Despite the low-key announcement, it seems as though this project has been steadily moving forward, with "Lost's" Jack Bender directing and the presumably Italian Lorenzo di Bonaventura serving as producer. No other details have been released, but judging by the working title, I'm going to presume a Russian context for this story.

The Jack Ryan serial has been dormant since 2002, when Harrison Ford was replaced with Ben Affleck, and the James Earl Jones-type character was replaced with a Morgan Freeman-type character. (Inspired choice, by the way) Though no production date has been announced, it is reported that they want to get underway before year's end.


Whoops, wrong movie.