The upcoming indie drama/comedy/whatever starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Rainn Wilson, and Natalie Portman is screening at South by Southwest very soon, and we have a new poster to commemorate this momentous occasion. Oh, and it looks weird. "Weird" seems to fit this movie pretty well though, as the promotional materials and this plot synopsis can attest:
"The story centers on a grieving father and son (Wilson and newcomer Devin Brochu) who are helped on their journey by a young grocery clerk (Portman) who inadvertently becomes the object of the boy’s fantasies and the titular, mentoring/tormenting anarchist Hesher (Gordon-Levitt)"

Sounds good, but the movie's been getting mixed reviews, with many viewers being thrown by the fact that rather than being a straight-up comedy, it's "a twisted tale with dark comic elements." "Twisted"? "Dark comic elements"? Cower in fear, middle America! (via The Playlist)