The new trailer for Rob Zombie's H2 Halloween reboot sequel is out. I think this might be the first sequel of a reboot to a franchise that actually specifically refers to itself as a sequel in the title.  But I could be wrong.  Feel free to berate me in the comments section, but be constructive, now! 

The trailer, which you'll find after the jump, starts out with a post car accident Laurie Strode (Scout Taylor-Compton) repeating "I killed him" ad nauseam while some poor beat cop can't get her to say who she killed, because, you know, that would be useful for the paperwork he's going to have to file.  Then we go to the hospital, where Laurie's admitted, broken leg and all, to recover.  You know, I was excited for this until I saw that they gave her a broken leg.  Do you realize how good sound designers are these days at making bone cracking sounds?  Yeah.  It's to the point where you don't have to even show the bone breaking.  You just need to have some Foley artist in a 5 x 5 box crinkling Cheetos bags into a microphone.  Chills.  Then vomiting, I tell you. 

H2 Trailer - Watch more Funny Videos

In all seriousness, I thought the original Halloween 2 was scary enough, and I sort of miss Donald Pleasence.  Call me old fashioned, but why couldn't they just let Rob Zombie run with Season of the Witch and try to shoehorn some continuity (read: Michael Myers) and gory realism into that misguided original sequel?  Maybe the whole concept of killer Halloween masks manufactured by an evil mask-making company felt a little too contrived.