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Channing Tatum in RTÉ.ies Exclusive G.I. Joe- Rise of Cobra C – Watch more Funny Videos

A new scene from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has appeared over at Coming Soon and it’s generous to say that the movie looks like a steaming pile. First up, General Hawk approaches his shirtless soldiers to remind them (and us) that they are the best except for the "comic" relief guy (hint: the one that used to be on "In Living Color"). "You scored in the top half-percent of all people we ever tested." In all fairness, we only tested you two.

From there it plays out like a flirtation scene from every Saved By The Bell episode. In this version, Duke is Zack, Rip is Slater, Scarlett is Jessie, and Dustin Diamond is still a poor man’s Corey Feldman.

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