Summit Entertainment knows what it's like to BE God, since they've gotten the rights to Kenneth Oppel's novel about the origin of Frankenstein, This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein. Here's a brief synopsis of the novel's premise, stitched together from several disparate corpses and electrically reanimated:
" [The novel] surrounds young Victor Frankenstein and his attempt to save his twin brother, Konrad, who falls gravely ill. Victor seeks out a mysterious old alchemist who sends Victor and his best friend Elizabeth on a dangerous quest to find three rare ingredients needed to create the Elixir of Life, a fabled serum that will give the drinker perpetual health. There are betrayals along the way and a love triangle between Victor, Elizabeth and Konrad.

That's right, there isn't even going to be a monster in this movie, which acts as a prequel to the original Frankenstein. That story, incidentally is being remade by Universal, the studio that made it famous, by Guillermo del Toro. Maybe once the sexy vampire trend dies out we can have a bunch of movies about sexy Frankenstein? That could be tricky. (via Deadline)