Much like a transient hobo, a mysterious video appeared online today and wagged it's weiner at all of us leaving us bemused. We're not really sure if this has anything to do with Warner Bros. planned Mortal Kombat reboot or the next game in the series. What we do know is that someone dragged the Mortal Kombat mythos through the Saw garden and brough Black Dynamite and Seven of Nine along for the ride.

Still, it's interesting to see a grittier, more realistic take on the source material. Or as realistic as a movie featuring a brain-eating reptile man, a knife-armed plastic surgeon, and a washed-up action star turned cop can be. Hey, Steven Seagal did it. Wagged his weiner at people, I mean. Whatever, at least ninjas aren't raining from the sky. (Kotaku)

Check it out after the jump and be the judge. Ridiculous movie or expensive videogame?


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