New Coen Brothers Movie Will Star Annoying People

Tuesday, August 19 by

With No Country For Old Men already making rounds on some "best movies ever" lists and Burn After Reading almost ready to take to the big screen, the Coen brothers have given up a little info about the cast of their upcoming flick, A Serious Man. Unfortunately, two names Variety is reporting, belong to people I don’t want to watch for five minutes, let alone two hours. The first is Michael Stuhlbarg, who is relatively inoffensive, but Richard Kind is just terrible. In case you’re not sure who that is, just think back to the last time you saw a guy in a TV show and thought, "Holy crap, that guy is annoying as hell." That was probably him. Even on Curb Your Enthusiasn, which was only funny because of how irritating everyone was, he tried to murder my sense of humor. I know it’s part of his bit, but just seeing his face in this post is making me not want to see this movie. Yeah, it’s that bad.

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