Well know that James Bond has had an affinity for Aston Martins, Jaguars, BMWs, Smirnoff, and Omega watches, but get ready to see him broaden his horizons with Sour Patch Kids, Charmin bathroom tissue, and possibly unwinding with a casual game of Words With Friends after blowing up a satellite station.

So those later products were an exaggeration. Probably. The next installment of the blockbuster series will contain $45mm of product placement, so don't be surprised if we see 007 changing some GE lightbulbs in his downtime or maybe going for a walk along the Thames in some Skechers Shape-Ups?

It's no surprise that MGM is the first to raise the stakes this high for product placement. Their financial struggles have been no secret lately, so the fact that they were able to raise fully 1/3 of their total project budget through product placement should come as a real boon not only to the film, but the studio at large.

James Bond has always been a little heavy-handed with their sparse product placement, so why not go whole-hog, Spurlock-style, and just get dirty?

Did you know James Bond has a favorite brand of store-bought hummus? For him, it's Sabra or bust. (Vulture)