Someone in the UK could chisel this painting out of the wall, title it "Sour Grapes" and sell it for big bucks. That's cause this painting is a Banksy about his Oscar loss for Exit Through The Gift Shop. As they say, one Brit's Oscar loss could be another Brit's fortune.

Fans of mayhem were hoping Banksy would win Best Documentary, so he would accept the award in a gorilla suit and maybe tag James Franco's face (that might have sobered him up). Instead, the acclaimed graffiti artist lost and the Oscars were really boring the whole way through. Below, finally, is a response from Banksy on his loss. This drawing was found in Weston, UK, and it's of an angry little girl holding an Oscar. Banksy might not have a real Oscar, but damn it, he can draw someone who has one.

The girl is the daughter of King's Speech co-producer Simon Egan, who dropped her dad's Oscar at a party and it totally broke. Break a dish? That's a time out Break your father's Oscar? That's a time out forever. If the Academy hadn't replaced it for him, that girl would be sitting in a corner until puberty or possibly marriage. (/Film)