As the prophecies foretold, the union of Netflix Instant and Starz Play will be broken when the Leap Day moon rises to its highest point. For that is the day that the elders decreed enough of this sh*t and the opportunity to stream over 1,000 titles will end. But it's not the end of the world (as much as the Mayans would like you to believe).

Click here to see the full list of titles that will be pulled, and you'll notice that there are about only thirty movies and television shows that are watchable if not great (arguably). This is Starz we're talking about here. It's the Boost Mobile of pay-cable channels. We'll miss gems like Party Down, CB4, Billy Madison, and Toy Story 3, yes. But shouldn't we own those already if we love them so much? What we're really losing is an alarming number of Perry Mason titles.

Netflix's brighter days are on the horizon as their new deals with studios like Dreamworks Animation and The Weinstein Company come to pass. In the meantime, there are still over 19,000 non-Perry Mason titles to watch. So if you want to find out how the surly lawyer takes on the Case of the Grimacing Governor, you have to act fast. (Gizmodo)