Prepare to be distracted. Here are your weekly Netflix Instant recommendations, complete with the good, the bad, and the good when you're drunk.

Watch these movies...

...Because you want to see something good:

Three strangers are brought together under tragic circumstances and quickly bond over their love of being morose all the time.


...Because you're bored:

A group of elderly people perform covers of rock songs. See also Iggy Pop.


...Because you're drunk and also kind of high:

A documentary film crew follows a budding young comedian on her journey to make it big in LA. Ten years later she becomes Sarah Silverman and everyone digs her schtick for a while but then it just gets kind of old.


...Because you're having some trouble with your mojo:

Legendary blues musician Muddy Waters plays a series of seldom-seen live shows and stuns audiences with his deeply moving performances, all leading up to a detailed description of how he gets his hair to stay like that all the time.