With the three-day-weekend fast approaching, you're going to need some distractions to fill out all that free time. Lucky for you, we've got 'em right here. These are the best, the worst, and the weirdest of what's new to stream instantly on Netflix.

Watch these movies...

...Because you want to see something good:

After months of adherence to an alternate personality, a wealthy industrialist is faced with a harrowing identity crisis in this thought-provoking commentary on the rise of technology as a mode of personal expression.


...Because you're bored:

Artist Jean-Michel Basquiat attempts to balance his meteoric rise to fame with the overwhelming responsibility that comes with having the sickest haircut known to man.

...Because you're drunk:

Ashton Kutcher does silly things and yells in a frustrated voice while Katherine Heigl complains about stuff. It's a wacky adventure!


...Because you like to see big-name stars before anyone knew who they were:

An all-star cast of actors who were not yet all-stars fills out this decidedly mediocre story about a group of recent college grads trying to figure out what to do after college.  Ben Afleck's character apparently occupies himself with growing the stupidest facial hair ever.