Netflix Instant Distractions Of The Week

Thursday, February 17 by

Here they are: The best, the worst, and the most awesome-when-drunk new titles available to stream instantly on Netflix this week.

Watch these movies…

…Because you want to see something good:

Filmed while Tupac Shakur was behind bars in 1995, this interview with the imprisoned rapper delves into his philosophies on life, the plight of the African American community, and the finer points of how f*cking gangsta California is compared to the rest of the world.


…Because you’re bored:

After traveling to snow-bound Wisconsin in an effort to escape writer’s block, an author falls in love with a local waitress and gets in hot water with her father, played by Tony Shaloub, the least intimidating man ever.


…Because you’re drunk:

A Persian prince with oddly European features kills his way through a horde of nondescript bad guys in a desperate bid to have sex with Gemma Arterton.


…Because you like it when Hollywood completely ruins your favorite childhood movies:

A malnourished Will Smith clone attempts to channel Ralph Macchio’s awesomeness and fails hard.

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