Nestor Probably Excited To Be In Talks For ‘Dark Knight Rises’

Friday, April 15 by

Gotham City needs a mayor they can trust. A mayor that will stomp down on crime and look out for the little guy. A mayor not afraid to be the change the city so desperately needs. A mayor who looks like he’s wearing eye-liner.

And it looks like that’s what Gotham may be getting. Nestor Carbonell is in talks to reprise his role of Mayor Garcia in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. I imagine these talks to go something like this:

AGENT: So, I can get you a guest appearance on “Psych” or a role in the follow-up to one of the biggest movies ever with a world-acclaimed director.

CARBONELL: This guest appearance on “Psych,” can I keep my wardrobe?

AGENT: Mmmm, no.

CARBONELL: I’ll do the Batman then.

Will Nestor Carbonell sign to be in The Dark Knight Rises? Tune in right here next week, Screen Junkies. (Variety)

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