Reno 911! creators and Night at the Museum writers Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant have just sold their script, Action No. 1 to Lionsgate. Named after the famous comic featuring the first appearance of Superman,  the script is a comedy revolving around its real life heist... from Nicolas Cage.

That's right. The film is about nerds who steal from the actual Nicolas Cage. That hasn't been attempted since Billy Bedlam wouldn't put the bunny back in the box.

The Superman-obsessed weirdo had his issue stolen in 2000, only to have it recently turn up in an abandoned storage unit. Sadly, Cage isn't available to play himself in the film as of right now, but Jason Statham has been approached. Seeing Statham play Cage would be an almost religious experience but it's unclear things will go that way.

Let's all face the truth, the role will go to Liam Neeson. (THR)