This piece of news is pure nerdonium. That means you'll need horn-rimmed science goggles in order to view it safely. Also, snort.

David Hayter is no comic book hater. (See what I did there?) The screenwriter wrote Watchmen and X2, but he's now turning his attention to adapting books with fewer pictures that also inspire sad people to dress-up in convention halls. He will adapt Dragonlight, "the first novel in a series that includes 22 novels generated by Anne McCaffrey." I like how Deadline says she "generated" the novels, like a fantasy novel writing robot. On a related note, Japan should create a fantasy novel writing robot - that'd be awesome.

Dragonriders of Pern - warning: you only have to say the name to get a wedgie - concerns a group of airborne warriors who ride super-powered dragons and save the planet Pern. Dragonlight was written in 1968, and the book series has continued to this day. That's 43 years of elaborate story continuity for me to never wade through.

Don Murphy is set to produce. No director is currently attached. (Deadline)