Dennis Hof, the not-at-all sleazy owner of the Moonlite BunnyRanch outside of Las Vegas, has decided to diversify his whoremongering with a new concept - an alien-themed brothel 90 miles outside of Sin City. Hof, who became known on the HBO reality series Cathouse, has billed the concept as science fiction, even though it reads to me as straight alien-themed. Oh well. Nerdier people than me can set the record straight on that one.

It's going to be called "Alien Cathouse," which sounds like something out of ALF's wet dreams. (ALF was an alien and loved to eat cats, you see.) The girls will be decked out in various costumes, presumably ranging from alien to...human in space.

While the concept itself doesn't do much to move my meter, I thoroughly enjoy the fact that someday soon, a bunch of guys in a bachelor party from Tampa Bay (or wherever) will be making plans to go to Vegas, get loaded, and bang out some fake alien hookers.

This is the most American story I've heard all week.

(io9 via Gamma Squad)