Neil LaBute and Aaron Eckhart notably collaborated on In the Company of Men back in 1997 (and again on Possession in 2002). Now, it appears that they might be getting back in each other's company again, on The Geography of Hope. The movie will also star Ed Harris, and here's what they'll be pretending to do:
"In the 1970s-set story, two crooks (Eckhart and Harris) flee to Baja, Mexico, after a robbery in a San Diego convenience store goes bad. There they encounter several American women, and they find themselves torn between the impulse to grift the ladies and romance them."

The script was written by LaBute years ago, and definitely seems to be classic LaBute. Now it's time for an obligatory reference to LaBute's Wicker Man remake: Wouldn't it be funny if The Geography of Hope featured Aaron Eckhart getting attacked by bees? (LA Times)