The UK television show from the 70s "The Professionals" never made it Stateside, perhaps Americans were too busy watching"The A-Team" to watch a show about boy wizards. Just kidding, it's actually about secret agents, and of course it's getting turned into a movie. Here's a plot synopsis:
"This big-screen version will be an origin story, showing how ex-Spec Ops mercenary Bodie and counter-terrorism detective Doyle unite to work for covert UK security unit CI5."

The studio, Lionsgate UK, is reportedly courting Tom Hardy, Gerard Butler and Jason Statham to play the secret agents, while Liam Neeson and Gary Oldman are being sought to play their boss. It's too bad they're not all going to be in the movie - maybe if they're all interested they'll have to fight each other for roles. Judging by the list of actors being talked to, this looks to be an action movie in the vein of the recent "older action" movies The Expendables and RED. So tell your parents to be on the lookout for The Professionals. (via Deadline)