NBC execs woke up this morning, clouded in shame and the stench of Wonder Woman's perfume, and decided to take a couple steps to make things right. Namely, they decided to pick up four comedy pilots from established comedians that actually have decent premises. How delightfully novel, NBC!

The biggest pickup of the day is certainly the pilot based on Chelsea Handler's memoirs, Are You There God? It's Me Chelsea. It essentially follows around a 20-something girl that lives her life, drinking and screwing a lot. It will be shot in a multi-camera format and development will be handled by the creators of "Dharma & Greg." I don't care if "Dharma & Greg" people are involved. I'm still optimistic.

Then there's "Brave New World," a comedy that follows a group of people working together at a theme park intended to recreate 1637 New England. I'm a sucker for jokes about blacksmiths and coopers, so needless to say, I'm pretty fired up about this one. Peter Tolan is running the show here and should have his hands full considering just yesterday another of his pilots, "The Council of Dads" got picked up yesterday by Fox.

Comedian Whitney Cummings got her currently untitled project picked up by NBC, , but Deadline says "focuses on a young couple and the ups and downs of a committed relationship in today’s complicated world." Is television ready for such a show? Cummings is a promising talent, so let's hope they flesh out the concept a little more as they move forward.

Finally, NBC got their dirty paws on "My Life As an Experiment", which is based on the book by A.J. Jacobs, and will be produced by Jack Black, among others. Jacobs has a reputation for incorporating bizarre challenges into his real life, then reporting the effects. He's lived according to the bible, and read the entire encyclopedia, then reported the effects of the experiments on his marriage."Honey, why are there ants all over the house? Oh, brother! Here we go again!" That's a spec line I wrote that the show is free to use.