NBC is going to dig itself out of its fourth place hole by canceling beloved-but-low-rated shows like Community and rolling out familiar, derivative remakes that no one asked for, like The Munsters. The network just ordered a pilot episode, adhering strictly to the adage that no one went broke underestimatin the American public.

Fear Factor's return is another example of this logic.

No details have been given about the return of the campy 1960's sitcom, other than it will envisioned as an hour-long drama. Oh, so it will be like American Horror Story or True Blood. Hmmm. Maybe people will just keep watching the originals and not the neutered spinoffs. At least, that was the fate that Playboy Club met.

Whatever. This is horrible idea that no one is excited about. Here are my casting thoughts:

Hermann - Joel McHale

Grandpa - Alan Alda

Lilly - Evangeline Lily

Eddie - Zac Efron's developmentally disabled brother, Uggo.

Marilyn - Raven Symone