NBC, realizing that once you hit rock-bottom, you have nothing left to lose, have decided to take their ratings frustrations on hipsters. You know, the guys that the Internet has been mocking for years and years and years? NBC's gonna stick it to them and their goddamn v-neck t-shirts, and Pabst Blue Ribbon, and ironic barbecues, and Smurf tattoos, and fluorescent wayfarers, and fixed-gear bikes, and gentrification of marginal Latino neighborhoods, and ironic appreciation of late-80s mainstream cinema, and girls with bangs, and vintage t-shirts, and their four-hour Tuesday brunches with fair-trade Intelligentsia coffe, and a ton of other things that everyone else stopped making fun of years ago because the criticisms became as passe as the very things people set out to mock.


The working title of the show is Untitled Hipster Project, which should be proof that NBC has really thought this concept through, and isn't just saying, "Hey! Big Bang Theory! But hipsters!"

The show will follow a regular ole' anthropology student that follows hipsters around and studies them in pseudo-academic fashion, which all but guarantees that this will be one of those "here's another funny thing about _____!" shows that never get old.