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Between scissoring Mila Kunis in Black Swan and getting blazed with Danny McBride in Your Highness, Natalie Portman is all grows up and showing her wild side. That trend is slated to continue. Portman and college friend, Laura Moses, are shopping around their script BYO (which stands for Bring Your Own). The story centers on two female friends who tire of failing at love. They decide to throw a party and invite only ladies (oh yyyyyeah), with the stipulation that each guest much bring an eligible bachelor. It's said to be a raunchy comedy that executives who have read it describe as a female-skewed Superbad. Because that's what executives always say.

Portman will be putting her producer-pants on for this one and she's planning to star as well. Anne Hathaway has expressed interest in co-starring. Which is great and not a slap in the face at all to actual comedians. Because, when you think raunchy comedy, look no further than Anne "Dice" Hathaway. (LA Times)