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Nikki Finke’s Thor-knowns-unknowns/” target=”_blank”>Deadline Hollywood Daily reports that Natalie Portman is the frontrunner to play the female lead in Kenneth Branagh’s screen adaptation of Marvel Comics Thor.  I don’t know about you, but when I think of Natalie Portman, I think of Jewish American Princess, not Asgardian Goddess.  Then again, they can do a lot with a blonde wig these days…

In any case, there aren’t a lot of chicks in Thor’s world.  At least, not many with juicy roles.  So it leads me to wonder if she’d be playing Amora the Enchantress… Thor’s arch enemy and sometimes lovaaaah. 

If that’s the case… I’m thinking we need some other casting possibilities in the mix, you know, just to keep Natalie on her toes.  Here are some ideas:





 So who would you rather see play Enchantress?  Bosworth?  Johansson? Howard? Sienna Miller?  Klum?  Panettiere?  Cuthbert?  Blanchett?  Larter?  Or is Portman the right call?  Or am I completely jumping the gun by even assuming Enchantress will be in this one?

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