When you think of indie film overachievers, Napoleon Dynamite might not be the first movie that comes to mind, but that doesn't diminish its success. It was able to turn a strong profit at the box office, enter the social consciousness, and probably made a ton of money from licensing miscellaneous crap.

And in honor of its success, and the film's tenth anniversary, Fox threw a little party for the film on its Century City lot. Kind of like those really bleak office parties that have cake, but they only last for 15 minutes on a Tuesday afternoon, then it's back to work.

The entire cast was there, save for Kip, and they unveiled an odd statue of Napoleon that looks like it may have been melted a little after it was built. It looks like they put Napoleon in the Bad Grandpa makeup. It's gross.

But so is Napoleon, so maybe it's a very self-aware bad statue.