Naomi Watts, who I know mostly for her hot sex scenes in Mulholland Drive and 21 Grams, where you totally see her boobs, joins the cast of the new Clint Eastwood directed J. Edgar Hoover biopic.

The promising-looking J. Edgar also stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ed Westwick and Ken Howard, but let's be real here. None of those actors have boobs (that I'm aware of, at least), and none of them have simulated lesbian sex on film (unless Westwick was in a weird student film or something). That's where Academy Award nominated Naomi Watts comes in. She'll offer a nuanced, yet emotional take on J. Edgar Hoover's loyal secretary, and a willingness to put those lovely boobs in front of a camera. Awesome.

Charlize Theron was rumored to be the front runner for the role, but hopefully she'll be flashing her boobs to aliens in Prometheus, the new almost-Aliens movie by Ridley Scott. (Deadline)