"You see this cannonball? This one that ended up in my yard? I'm keeping it! You're not getting it back, Mythbusters!"

The Mythbusters, that precocious gang of youths with the creepy facial hair and the one girl that everyone thinks is really hot by default, recently had an accident while firing a cannonball at the Alameda firing range in California. According to the Sheriff's Department, the ball took "a few unfortunate bounces," crashing into a nearby house, entering through one wall, and exiting through another.

The absolute best line from the AOLTV article?

"The San Francisco Chronicle said 'cantaloupe-sized cannonball' damaged the home and minivan of the Gill family."

The Gill family minivan was damaged? At what price busted myths, Mythbusters? AT WHAT PRICE BUSTED MYTHS?

Mythbusters screwed over the Gill family of Dublin, California?