MYSTERY TEAM Trailer #2 - Watch more Movie Trailers

The new trailer for international internet comedy sensation Derrick Comedy's Mystery Team is on the case, and color us intrigued.  What is the color of intrigue, you ask?  Good question, we answer.  Then we avoid the subject entirely by not-so-tactfully changing it back to the film, which is  "a dark comedy that follows the lives of thre high school age friends who are still holding on to their Encyclopedia Brown-esque childhood detective club. Of course, their world is turned upside down when they are presented with a real, adult mystery." 

On the adult mystery scale, this looks funnier than "Murder She Wrote," but not quite on the level of a "Father Dowling Mysteries," which was hilarious because priests don't solve mysteries in their spare time!  They're too busy covering up mysteries for their pedophile buddies. [via Film Drunk, via Film School Rejects]

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