MYMAG's mission statement is to "give the world's most interesting people a chance to showcase what inspires them." Well, maybe they plan to do that with future issues because for their kick-off they've chosen Olivia Munn, Steve Aoki, and BRETT RATNER to play editor-in-chief. Says Ratner threw his buttocks:

"If I weren't a film director, I would probably be a magazine editor. When I was pitched the concept for MYMAG, I was shocked — how did they know I had a treasure trove of favorite magazine articles saved in my closet?"

I don't know, dude. You seem like the type who's into collage-making? If you flip through the pages of RAT-MAG, you'll find articles about Michael Jackson, Roman Polanski, and Miley Cyrus (surprisingly you won't find any glittery unicorn stickers or cheese-glued pages). In summation, Brett Ratner's favorite topics are Michael Jackson, Roman Polanski, and Miley Cyrus. If that girl from iCarly goes missing, authorities should look no further than Ratner. If he runs, release the hounds. The smell of Hostess Snowballs will lead a path directly to him.