Jesse Peretz Is Making Another Movie With A Naughty Word In The Title

Tuesday, February 1 by

You’ve probably been reading a little bit about recent Sundance darling My Idiot Brother. Well, the director of that film, Jesse Peretz, is continuing the shameful trend of movies with expletives in the title, this one even stronger than “idiot,” if you can believe it. The movie is going to be called What’s This S%^@ Called Love? and he’s gotten big names John Malkovich and Catherine Keener (both of Being John Malkovich, Malkovich Malkovich) to star in it. Here’s Peretz on the premise of the movie:

“[It’s] set in Cambridge, Mass., during the 1980s….and centers on a teenage boy who’s contemplating coming out. But in a twist, his ultra-progressive family (Keener and Malkovich would play the parents) actually wants to celebrate the boy’s newfound sexuality, while all the boy wants is to be left alone.”

That sounds funny. Why can’t nice young men like Peretz make movies without bad words? They’re only for people who don’t have any other shit to say. (The Playlist)

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