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Mutants Won’t Look At Each Other In New ‘X-Men’ Poster

Tuesday, April 19 by

Professor Charles Xavier brought together a team of mutants to promote peace and fight prejudices from humans. However, just cause the X-Men are a team, doesn’t mean they have to look at each other. I mean, come on. Some of them look really, really weird.

In Fox’s new poster for X-Men: First Class, we see Beast, Mystique, and a bunch of non-blue muties all walking in different directions. Or standing around. Yeah, it’s a little awkward, but nowhere near the train wreck that was the last set of posters, which featured some ridiculous floating-head-on-crotch action. And I do like the tag-line, though I would have considered switching Mystique and Emma Frost. The White Queen has two things I want to see more up close, if you know what I mean, and what I mean are her long boots and cape. I also mean her boobs.

The X-Men assemble in theaters June 3rd, starring Michael Fassbender, James McAvoyJanuary Jones, Kevin Bacon and a soon-to-be-Hunger-Games-ing Jennifer Lawrence. (EW)


  1. April 19, 2011 7:20 pm


    WTF is up with Myst.s forehead. Christ.

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