Robin Williams, a man now know to go on rants and spastic runs that would rival D.C.'s most notable crack addicts, is returning to what works. Namely, a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel that will have him returning to the guise of a British nanny, which he originally did to see his kids.

Of course, it's unlikely that will remain the premise, as his kids are probably now in their mid 30's, and unless they're really stupid, remember that it was revealed that Robin Williams' character was the nanny all along. But, I'm sure he's gotta hide out from the mob, or get in character or something to see maybe his grandkids? Who knows.

This is one of Williams' most notable and tolerable roles, and certainly the one that brought recognition to him as a mainly comedic actor, despite the fact that he REALLY wasn't in that many comedies.

Run through his roles in your head. Or, screw it. Use IMDB. Not a ton of flat our comedies, are there ?