Moviefone Was Turned Off Last Night…Forever

Tuesday, February 25 by
"Why don't you just tell me the name of the movie you would like to see?" 

It would appear that Cosmo Kramer won. Last night, with little fanfare, and understandably little interest, Moviefone pulled the plug on its phone service after 25 years of patiently helping people find a place to see Mr. Deeds at 11:45 AM on a Tuesday.

The Moviefone brand will live on, as it’s an online ticketing site these days as well, and it’s teaming up with AOL in a move that’s so oddly 1990’s that it makes us think it will work just on nostalgia alone.

As for the guy who provided the famous voice of Moviefone, he’s still chained to my radiator, begging either to be released or killed, but always speaking with that pleasant upward inflection that continues to endear me to him. You’re not going anywhere, big guy.

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