Ok, I made the second part up, but only because EVERYONE loves hearing that one guy who talks about how Hollywood is crap, and we just feed the lowest common denominator.

The new average price across the country is about $8.12, up from $7.89 a year ago. The big news to me isn't the increase, but the fact that there are places in this great country that must be charging about $.72/ticket take the NY and LA averages down to a place under $10.

Unfortunately, the effect might be even more profound than it seems, as the premium associated with 3D films has dwindled with fewer films in that medium, so regular ticket prices must have jumped even higher to make up for the dearth of premium ticket sales.

However, when The Expendables 2 comes out, it will all be worth it. Wait. Has The Expendables 2 come out yet? I seriously have no idea.