Yee-haw, lil' doggies! A herd a posters have hit the Inernetz over the past couple-a days so we brought in Whiplash to round 'em all up fer yas. I think you'lls all agrees that Photoshop does not a good one-sheet make, er somethin'. Let's get a move on!

Like the trailer for the film, I'm just going with it. Why fight it, really? Awful beach background. A fist bump. None of it matters. If Adam Sandler still makes you laugh, you'll see this movie. But poor Jennifer Aniston. She used to have so much promise. Why won't a nice man marry her already and give her a baby? (JoBlo)

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt were running away from a looming green screen until the Universal marketing department decided they wanted them to run away from a giant Terrence Stamp shadow. No wait, two! TWO giant Terrence Stamp shadows! If this movie doesn't deliver on superfluous Terrence Stamp shadows I'm going to be extremely disappointed. (Collider)

Alex Pettyfer plays an alien, or Ryu from Street Fighter, in this DJ Caruso-directed film. When the whoevers or whatevers come to kill him they're going to get a big surprise. Blue Gak to the face, or a dose of human emotion from an alien life form that will give them pause. (Collider)