Screen Junkies fans (yes, we have them) Sara and Janelle decided to show off their new gear by having a movie night. They sent us the pics and now I share them with you. I call this piece "S&J For SJ."

Well hello, Ladies. Where'd you get that snazzy swag?


Circa 1996, when VHS and 'Tin Cup' were popular.


"How are we gonna play these?!"


She's locked and loaded with her 'Toy Story' sandwich holder.


First up, 'Menace II Society'.


F*ck da Police!


Someone loves their popocorn...


Makin' it rain kernals!

Vampire attacks give Sara heartburn.


Repercussions of a popcorn O.D.


 Frazzled the next morning with no recollection of the night before.