It's becoming pretty clear that Leonardo DiCaprio is a serial monogamist when it comes to directors, though he di break the chains of love to work with Chris Nolan on Inception.

While filming J. Edgar with director Clint Eastwood, there is word that Clint is sweet-talking Leo into joining the cast of A Star Is Born, Eastwood's next directing gig. This would be a big change for DiCaprio, who has made a blockbuster career out of playing intense, brooding characters, the type you normally don't find in musical remakes.

If Leo joins the film, there is little question he would play the lead, a has-been star performer who takes an up-and-comer (Beyonce) under his wing, only to fall in love with her.

With J. Edgar still shooting, the casting decisions here aren't terribly pressing, but it's a safe bet that Eastwood would like to lock down DiCaprio before they go their separate ways after filming ends.

This project is getting weird so gradually, it's almost hard to notice. (Deadline)