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NASA has turned to the public for help in naming the International Space Station’s brand new Node 3 module. The top two nominees in the write-in category are Colbert and Xenu. As in the Church of Scientology’s Xenu. Who would you rather see ruling the cosmos, Tek Jansen or Tom Cruise? Here’s your morning news.

Help Stephen Colbert cock-block The Church Of Scientology (Colbert Nation)

New X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer premieres today (MTV)

Watchmen will not feature any hover-boards (iO9)

Daft Punk may provide signature beep-boop-bops for Tron 2.0 (Upcoming Film Scores)

Christopher Nolan will get inside Leonardo DiCaprio’s head (FilmDrunk)

Tyler Perry will never ever ever go away (Variety)



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Jaden Smith set for Karate Kid redo (Variety)

New Watchmen character art revealed (Empire)

DiCaprio is only producing live action Akira (CHUD)

X-Men Origins: Magneto plot synopsis (/film)

Phillip Noyce to direct Above Suspicion (Empire)

New Terminator bots (Joblo)

Fox pushes back Cleveland Show (Variety)

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