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This morning I woke up to discover that character actor Ron Silver had died of cancer at age 62.  Silver is probably best known for his work in dramas like The West Wing, Chicago Hope and as the villain in Timecop.  But he also made one of the funniest self-deprecating turns in unaired TV show history when he played the villain – and himself – in the Ben Stiller-created, Jack Black-starring Heat Vision Jack.  See the clip after the jump.

And now, the rest of the news…

Sam Raimi Talks Remakes & Evil Dead 4! (IGN)

Awesome Concept Art from The Goon (/Film)

ex-NFL’er Michael Strahan to Follow in OJ Simpson’s Path – minus the murder part. (Variety)

Thoughts on SXSW screening of BrunoVassup! (AICN)

Exclusive I Love You, Man Clip (ComingSoon.Net)

The Prognosis on Fox’s House (Ausiello Files)

Pajiba Bitches About Loving Austin & SXSW (Pajiba)

And here’s that beautiful clip of Ron Silver in fine form.  Rest in peace, sir.

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This morning, The Hollywood Reporter tells us that the classic Stephen King story, It, will be making a leap to the big screen.  The 1990 TV movie adaptation was probably the best TV movie ever made (next to anything Meredith Baxter Birney puts out), and scared the ever loving crap out of me.  I can only imagine what a rated R film could do – but I always knew Pennywise the Clown would be back for me now that I’m an adult.  Dave Kajganich (The Invasion) is set to write the script for Warner Bros. 

And now for some news that doesn’t summon dark memories from my childhood:

Jonah Hill to scribe 21 Jump Street for big screen.  (Film Drunk)

Pics from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (ComingSoon.Net)

Stimulus Package Movie Night (

SXSW Update: Troll 2 Gets Its own documentary! (Aint It Cool)

So Orphanage guy ISN’T necessarily doing Twilight 2 now (LA Times)

First look at Pixar’s Partly Cloudy short (/Film)

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According to Variety, Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables cast just expanded by two more: WWE’s Stone Cold Steve Austin and Charisma Carpenter, of TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and CSI.  Looks like Stallone’s taking a lotta names, but will the film also kick ass?  And the biggest question still remains… will Ahnold be the icing on this explosives-laced cake?

And here is the rest of your morning news:

Orphanage director finds home at Summit (Variety)

Joaquin Phoenix goes Axl Rose at nightclub (FilmDrunk)

Jeff Goldblum joins insemination comedy The Baster (Coming Soon)

Horror phenom Aja becomes a Contractor (Ain’t It Cool)

Preview SXSW 2009’s Film Lineup (

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Of the infinite reasons I miss living in Austin, Texas, here’s one: Universal Pictures heads there this weekend to give South by Southwest (SXSW) 2009 attendees a sneak peek at footage from Sasha Baron Cohen’s Bruno March 15th at 11:00pm.

Alls ya gotta do to see it is arrive early to the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar! No badge is needed and attendance is free.  Oh and if you didn’t know, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema serves beer, beer, and beer (and beer) during their screenings.  They have waiters that bring it right out to you.  Brewskies and Bruno… Vassup!

(Bruno opens wide July 10th, 2009)

And now, the news:

French Star Wars fan gets creative with public transportation (SlashFilm)

Ghostbusters Blu-Ray cover art revealed! (Dread Central)

Dark City 2?  Maybe.  With Fox?  Aw heeell naw! (FilmDrunk)

Meet the TV-B-Gone Creator (Wired)

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So, not only could we be getting a Pirates of the Caribbean 4, but Britain’s coolest comedian alive, Russell Brand, could be joining the cast.  I don’t know about you, but I think Brand is exactly what the series needs.  You know people will come to theaters in droves regardless, but I could overlook what’ll likely be the most convoluted plot yet if Mr. Brand is trading verbal blows with Cap’n Jack Sparrow.  Or maybe they won’t be adversaries… maybe… they’re brothers?  Let the speculation commence.

Here’s your morning news.

Russell Brand talks Pirates 4 (ComingSoon.Net)

Kubrick still alive after being dead ten years (The Playlist)

 Update on Lucas’s Star Wars TV project (FilmDrunk)

Blonde Angelina Jolie streaks through D.C. (Huffington Post)

Jay Leno to give one "freebie" to auto workers (Jalopnik)

Live in LA?  Want to to to TOKYO for FREE? (Ain’t It Cool)

Heroes’ Hayden Panattierre Browbeats Paparazzi (MSNBC)

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To no one’s surprise Watchmen threw the competition through a plate glass window this weekend, earning an estimated 3-day total of $55.7 million (roughly 4,500,000 nerd-boners). Despite it being the biggest opening of the year, Zack Snyder’s opus came in lower than expected. Some attribute this to lack of star power, the graphic use of sex and violence, running time, and My Chemical Romance’s inclusion. Personally I blame Daylight Savings.

Here’s your morning news.

Watchmen mainly watched by men (Huffington Post)

New Character pages on Wolvie site: The Blob and Ralphie May share striking resemblance (X-Men Origins)

Dakota Fanning is biting people (Coming Soon)

Tommy Wiseau tosses around the pigskin with Tim and Eric (adult swim)

Martha Stewart’s dog stars in all-animal Final Destination reboot (TMZ)

ABC mocks the unemployed (Defamer)

Obama flips the f*** out  (SNL)

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Spielberg, Smith in talks for Oldboy (Variety)

HBO Picks up rights to Obama documentary (/films)

Steve Carell Is The Beaver (Empire)

Milla Jovovich to Keep Coming Back (Variety)

Fox announces midseason schedule (Comingsoon)

Long joins After.Life (Joblo)

New Defiance poster (Empire)

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It was basically a non-Halloween this year. I slept most of Sunday but managed to watch Shoot Em Up. I think that if Daniel Craig’s beautiful face somehow gets mangled and they need a new Bond character, it should be Clive Owen. That just the kind of brilliant insight you’re going to get around here. Here’s your news.

Heroes’ major loss (EntertainmentWeekly)

Spielberg, Jackson digging for Tintin (HollywoodReporter)

Stephen Graham joins Season of the Witch (Empire)

007 finds overseas Solace (Variety)

New photos of Jim Carrey’s Yes Man (/films)

Comedy Central sets N.Y. showcase (Variety)

Steve Carr picks up Sherman’s March (Empire)

New Cadillac Records poster (ComingSoon)

Netflix "Watch Instantly" now available for Mac Users (/films)

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Samuel L. Jackson and Maggie Cheung join the cast of Inglourious Bastards (/films)

New Valkyrie trailer now online (Empire)

Changeling writer to pen Forbidden Planet (HollywoodReporter)

BBC exec resigns over Brand scandal (Variety)

Fox not renewing King of the Hill (Comingsoon)

Wes Craven designs Google’s Halloween logo (/films)

American Dad gets a 5th season (Comingsoon)

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright to pen Spider-Man 4 (HollywoodReporter)


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Sho’nuff! It’s Samuel L. Jackson in The Last Dragon remake (HollywoodReporter)
David Heyman on the Half-Blooded Prince Delay (Comingsoon)
Oldman joins Washington for Book Of Eli (Empire)
Paramount acquires rights to Agnes Quill (Variety)
Darren Aronofsky talks RoboCop remake (Empire)
Marc Webb to direct Age of Rage (/film)
Ice Cube to exec produce, write NBC cop comedy (Variety)
Courteney Cox is quite the cougar (HollywoodReporter)


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I’m sorry to startle everyone this early. But it looks like…wait, are you sitting down? You should be, because you are using a computer. Nobody stands at a computer. Maybe scientists?  Anyway, looks like Joaquin Phoenix is going to quit acting. To work on his music.  Great move buddy. Let me know when that blues-rock-fusion album comes out.

Joaquin Phoenix to quit acting?(Huffingtonpost)

Downy Jr. extends Marvel deal (Variety)

Universal plans film adaptation of Villains comic (HollywoodReporter)

First look at Robert Pattinson as Dali (Empire)

CW, CBS exploring possibility of Melrose Place reboot (Variety)

Vince Vaughn set for Sunny and 68 (Comingsoon)

Netflix offers HD streaming to Xbox 360 users first (/gamer)

XXX: The Return of Xander Cage coming in 2010 (Comingsoon)

Hellraiser remake finds new director (HollywoodReporter)

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Monday Morning. A time for reflection. A time too look back over the weekend and wonder if you made all the right moves, if you did your best keg stand and provided reliable wingman services for your bros. A time for the morning links.

David Geffen’s sudden departure from DreamWorks SKG (NYTimes)

Warne Brothers acquires rights to Ninja Scroll (Variety)

Raimi brings Spartacus to the small screen (HollywoodReporter)

Daniel Craig discusses surviving Quantum of Solace (MensVogue)

NBC shuffling primetime schedule (Variety)

New international Harry Potter and the Half-Blooded Prince Teaser (ComingSoon)

Weinstein Co. pushes back Fanboys to 2009 (Slashfilms)



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Last night I had one too many Jamesons. I turned on the TV and watched about five minutes of the Chris Rock special on HBO on demand. Then I started packing up the apartment because my girlfriend and I are moving. Are you thrilled? Here’s the morning news, Junkie.

John Singleton exits A-Team (Slashfilm)

Chris Columbus in talks to direct Ripley’s Believe It or Not!. (Variety)

Crispin Glover Joins Alice In Wonderland. (Hollywood Reporter)

 Universal acquires screen rights to EA’s Army of Two. (Variety)

 The Underworld: Rise of the Lycans Trailer Hits! (Coming Soon)

 Newly released photos of Heath Ledger’s in Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus. (Huffington Post)

 Will Farrell’s Bush offers advice to Tina Fay’s Palin. (NBC)


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Good morning. How’d you sleep? The entire staff of Screenjunkies stayed up last night and broke into a zoo. We have brand new mascots for the site. Here’s the morning news roundup while we figure out what to feed a sloth. 

Ben Stiller set to direct "The Trial of the Chicago 7" (Hollywood Reporter)

Netflix Streaming on Select Blu-Ray Players (Slashfilm)
HBO’s "Curb Your Enthusiasm" will be back in production in Dec. for season 7. (Variety)

Eastwood in full gear for "Gran Torino" (USA Today)

"Lost" Season 5 trailer (Youtubes)

Guy Pearce set to play a cop in Aussie cop flick "Animal Kingdom" (Empire)

SciFi Channel’s "Ghost Hunters" to have another spin off show tentatively titled "Ghost Hunters: College Education" (Hollywood Reporter)


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