People, we live in strange times.  Florida is leaning toward voting a black man into the oval office. The economy finally said “Oh, I got you GOOD BITCHES! Earnings? Whatever!”  And it looks like Paramount is fast tracking the new Footloose. I pray every night that they name it Footlooser. And every morning, we put the news together for you. 

First look at The De Vinci Code follow-up, Angels and Demons (USAToday)<_o3a_p>

Universal developing Skyscraper disaster pic (Comingsoon)<_o3a_p>

Adrien Brody to star in The Courier  (Variety)<_o3a_p>

Milk keeping out of the media spotlight (HollywoodReporter)<_o3a_p>

Universal eyeing American Pie 4? (/film)<_o3a_p>

Fox takes Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (Empireonline)<_o3a_p>

Weinsteins strike back at Bravo over Project Runway (HollywoodReporter)<_o3a_p>

Paramount fast-tracks Footloose remake (Variety)<_o3a_p>