Not forever. He's only ruining Altoona, PA for two months.

To show how product placement is taking over the world, as discussed in his new movie POM Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, director Morgan Spurlock bought the naming rights to a small town in Pennsylvania for 60 days, starting April 27th. For $25,000, Altoona, a town of 46,000, will soon be known as POM Wonderful Present The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, Pennsylvania. I bet the convenience store that sells big envelopes is thrilled about the change. You know who's probably not thrilled about the change? The residents of Altoona, Pennsylvania.

Morgan will screen the movie on the 27th in The Town Currently Known As Altoona, along with a special ceremony at City Hall. Perhaps they'll give him a giant key to the city, which also opens the door to the Burger King on East Pleasant Valley Boulevard. There's also a Burger King logo on the key. Here's what Spurlock has to say about his latest publicity stunt:
“I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the shifting tide of business in America." He chose Altoona, he said, because it stands as "a shining example of struggling cities across America."

The promotion seems like a win-win to me. $25,000 is worth two months of a small town's dignity, right? That's over 50 cents per citizen. (TheWrap)