There are two news stories that are really conflicting right now. One is the fact that the Dark Knight has made Elevendy Billion dollars and has continued to sell out theatres across the country. The second is that Morgan Freeman was in a car accident driving one of these:

According to the news:

Morgan Freeman was involved in a serious car accident last night in Mississippi.  It happened around 1130 Sunday night on Highway 32 in Tallahatchie County.  Mississippi Highway Patrol says Freeman was driving a 1997 Maxima with a female passenger when he ran off the road, over corrected and flipped the car several times.

Come on man, at least treat the hooker with a little class. If you’re going to smash her up in an accident, how about a 2007 Solara? That’s a touch of class.  

But on a more serious note. The Dark Knight is clearly cursed.