More News On The Road and Blood Meridian

Thursday, August 21 by

The last time I checked, Ridley Scott was going to direct the big screen adaptation of Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. But when I looked at the IMDB page this morning, it had Todd Field’s name in the director spot.  This is good, because he’s probably way more capable of retaining the gritty feel that the movie needs to be true to the book. 

The LA times had a big article on Sunday about The Road, and they make mention of Blood Meridian:

No Country’s" Academy Award-winning producer Scott Rudin and "Little Children" filmmaker Todd Field have been developing a "Blood Meridian" movie, and Australian filmmaker Andrew Dominik wants to film "Cities on the Plain," the last book in McCarthy’s border trilogy. Said Field in explaining McCarthy’s appeal: "His work examines our core, the two faces of violence that co-exist in every savage act — brutal strength of purpose holding hands with a desperate and cowering weakness."

And yes, this is a video from Oprah. But Fuck you, this is the only interview he’s done:

Hell-A Times has the words.

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